In response to today's release of the unemployment numbers for November, Rick McGahey and I published an op-ed in the Washington Post's Outlook section, "5 Myths about the Unemployed."

With the current debate surrounding the upcoming 'fiscal cliff, "let's take a look at the misconceptions that often arise when the unemployed take center stage in Washington...

1. People who receive unemployment benefits are slow to search for work.
2. Americans without jobs are hurt by immigrant labor.
3. Older workers are clinging to their jobs, hurting jobless younger Americans.
4. Onerous regulations cause jobs to disappear.

5. Discouraged workers drop out of the labor force and never return.

We are stuck in a slow recovery. Congress needs to extend emergency benefits again, but most important, it needs to enact more economic stimulus to help create jobs that will drive down our excessively high unemployment rates."