How #MeToo Power Dynamics Affect Economists

For a woman, being an economist in academia is not unlike any other workplace.

In an interview with PBS about gender and power in the economics profession, ReLab Director and economist Teresa Ghilarducci notes that women economists face not only sexual harassment and the undermining of their ability from male coworkers, but they also face more age discrimination.

Evidence can be found in the fact that women’s pay peaks at the early age of 45. After that, a woman’s compensation falls 9% from 45 to 55 and another 9% from 55 to 65. For men, earnings peak in their early to mid-fifties.

Ghilarducci asserts that sexual harassment is not about sex, but dominance. With more women earning higher-level degrees, competition increases. Sexual harassment and discrimination serve as tools to protect privileged status.