Work, Retire, Repeat in the Press

May 8, 2024
NY Times: Was the 401(k) a Mistake?
by Michael Steinberger

March 21, 2024
VOX: Why it’s so hard for Americans to retire
by Laura Built

March 18, 2024
Harvard Square: Work, Retire, Repeat
by Lisa Berkman

March 15, 2024
NY Times: Working in Old Age Can’t Be the Only Answer to the Retirement Crisis
by Peter Coy

March 14, 2024
City Journal: Why Not Push Back Retirement?
by Chris Pope

March 11, 2024
CBS News: Retiring in America increasingly means working into old age, new book finds
by Aimee Picchi

March 11, 2024
Yahoo! Finance: Q&A: Retirement in America is broken. Here's why and what needs to be done
by Kerry Hannon

March 8, 2024
Newsday: Retiring on Long Island: How much savings is enough?
by Victor Ocasio

March 7, 2024
Bloomberg: Work, Retire, Repeat
by Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec

March 7, 2024
WGN: ‘Work, Retire, Repeat: The Uncertainty of Retirement in the New Economy’
by Larry Potash, Robin Baumgarten

March 7, 2024
Pensions & Investments: The retirement system is broken, Teresa Ghilarducci says. Here's the solution she supports
by Caryl Anne Francia

March 7, 2024
Forbes: No, I Don’t Hate 401(k)s — I Want Pensions For All, Not Just A Few
by Teresa Ghilarducci

March 6, 2024
NPR: What would it take to fix retirement?
by Adrian Ma, Wailin Wong, Corey Bridges, Kate Concannon

February 26, 2024
LA Times: ‘Work longer’ is no solution for people who can’t afford to retire
by Teresa Ghilarducci

February 20, 2024
Think Advisor: American Style Retirement Means Work and Poverty
by Melanie Waddell

February 20, 2024
Texas Public Radio: Americans who work longer have shorter life expectancies according to research
by Kayla Padilla

February 15, 2024
Plan Advisor: Labor Economist Takes Aim at ‘Working-Longer’ Culture
by Alex Ortolani

February 10, 2024
Star Tribune: America's retirement system is failing too many people
by Chris Farrell

January 30, 2024
Market Watch: Working longer won’t solve the retirement crisis — seniors need a ‘Gray New Deal’ to retire with dignity, this economist says
by Jessica Hall


New York Times

January 1, 2016
A Smarter Plan to Make Retirement Savings Last
by Teresa Ghilarducci and Hamilton James

December 11, 2015
Pushing Aside 401(k)'s for Mandatory Savings Plans
by Mark Miller

October 16, 2015
Retirees' Future Hinge on Candidates' Plan for Social Security
by Tara Siegel Bernard

February 7, 2015
Economic Plan Is a Quandary for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign
by Amy Chozick

May 20, 2014
As City's Elderly Population Swells, Concerns Rise Over Lack of Access to Retirement Plans
by Kate Taylor

March 12, 2014
The Gray Jobs Enigma
by Steven Greenhouse

September 11, 2012
Should the 401(k) be Reformed or Replaced?
by Steven Greenhouse

July 21, 2012
Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement
New York Times Sunday Review
by Teresa Ghilarducci

April 27, 2012
My Faith-Based Retirement
by Joe Nocera

March 26, 2012
New Ideas on Pensions: Use States
by Mary Williams Walsh

March 15, 2012
Don't Cut Pensions, Expand Them
Op-ed by Teresa Ghilarducci

March 7, 2012
After the Storm, the Little Nest Eggs That Couldn't
Steven Greenhouse 

August 15, 2011
Social Security is Not a Fly-By-Night Ponzi Scheme
by Teresa Ghilarducci

April 11, 2011
How to Help Older Savers
by Teresa Ghilarducci

March 2, 2011
Making the Most Out of Less
by Steven Greenhouse

February 28, 2011
Move Public Employees into 401(k)s?
Room for Debate Blog
A Bad Deal for Taxpayers 
by Teresa Ghilarducci

November 27, 2010
Some Very Creative Economic Fixes
by David Segal

November 30, 2010
A Contradictory Message

March 24, 2010
Room for Debate Blog: Simple Steps to Fix Social Security

September 2, 2009
A Reluctance to Retire Means Fewer Openings
By Catherine Rampell

October 6, 2009
A Lose Situation
Room for Debate Blog
by Teresa Ghilarducci

September 26, 2008
Save Pensions
Op-ed by Teresa Ghilarducci

Financial Times

April 21, 2017
Advent of State-Mandated Saving Plans Create Gladiatorial Arena
by John Dizard

The Economist

April 9, 2018
A Plan That Needs More Money
by Buttonwood

Business Week

March 13, 2014
An Unpalatable Plan to Rescue Failing Pensions
by Lorraine Woellert

February 26, 2014
Twinkies Bankruptcy Exposes Peril to Some U.S. Pensions: Economy
by Lorraine Woellert

February 14, 2014
U.S. Companies Squeezing 401(k) Plans
by Carol Hymowitz and Margaret Collins

August 7, 2013
Insurers Get Shot at $3 Trillion in Hatch's Pension Plan
by Margaret Collins, Zachary Tracer and William Selway

July 14, 2013
Wiretapped Bangladesh Activist Used Facebook for Protest
by Mehul Srivastava and Arun Devnath 

May 10, 2013
Bangladesh 1,000 Dead Recall Triangle-to-Bhopal Trageties
by Jeff Green

January 26, 2012
New Yorkers Face "Downward Mobility' as One Third Can't Retire
by Rick Levinson

July 15, 2010
Solving a Looming U.S. Retirement Crisis
Op-Ed by Teresa Ghilarducci

Huffington Post

June 9th, 2016
A Better Way to Fix Social Security
Teresa Ghilarducci

January 25th, 2016
When Millennials Will Finally Get to Retire
Kat Stoeffel

January 23, 2015
 The President's Baby Steps Towards Retirement Security
by Teresa Ghilarducci

October 17, 2014
The Solution to the Retirement Crisis In Not More Work
by Teresa Ghilarducci 

September 30, 2014
The Retirement Crisis Is Real
by Teresa Ghilarducci

January 1, 2014
Who Stops Paying Social Security Taxes After Today?
by Teresa Ghilarducci

November 1, 2013
Men Fail, only then Women Rule; Lagarde, Yellen, now Flug
by Teresa Ghilarducci

July 17, 2013
How Defined Benefit Retirement Plans Outperform Defined Contribution Plans
by Teresa Ghilarducci

December 21, 2012
Blowing Smoke at the Retirement Crisis
by Teresa Ghilarducci

August 27, 2012
Smart People With Dumb Mortgages
by Teresa Ghilarducci

August 6, 2012
Retirement Planning Beyond the Basics
by Teresa Ghilarducci

Time Magazine

June 19, 2017
Here's How Much a Job Loss Now Will Cost You by Retirement
by Dan Kadlec

June 2nd, 2016
America May Finally Be Ready for Mandatory Retirement Savings
Penelope Wang

November 17th 2015
This Simple Trick Will Restore Millennials' Faith in Social Security
Turner Cowles

November 1st 2015
Why Retirement Needs a Reboot
Kim Clark

September 18, 2015
This Is How an Economist Eats Dessert
by Turner Cowles

April 8, 2015
1 in 3 Older Workers Likely to Be Poor or Near Poor in Retirement
by Dan Kadlec

July 23, 2014
How to Fix the 401(k) and Income Inequality on One Fell Swoop
by Dan Kadlec

March 21, 2012
What Will Replace the 401(k)?
by Dan Kadlec

August 3, 2010
The Case Against Tax Expenditures
by Barbara Kiviat

October 9, 2009
Why it's Time to Retire the 401(k)

by Stephen Candel

December 15, 2008
Kill the 401(k)?
Column: The Curious Capitalist by Justin Fox

LA Times

June 27th, 2016
Ameerica Isn't Saving Enough for Retirement. Can That Be Fixed Before It's Too Latee?
by Jim Puzzanghera

May 18, 2015
Employers Must Monitor 401(k) Fees, Supreme Court Rules
by Dean Starkman and David G. Savage

January 29, 2014
Obama MyRA Proposal Unlikely to Boost Retirement Savings
by Walter Hamilton

January 2, 2014
Meet the People Who've Already Paid Their 2014 Social Security Tax
by Michael Hiltzik

February 19, 2013
A Crucial Step Toward Retirement Security for the Working Class

by Michael Hiltzik

July 18, 2010
Municipalities take aim at public pensions
by Tony Perry and Marc Lifsher


June 9, 2009
"Has the 401(k) Failed?"
by David Kansas


December 13, 2013
Democrats Lose on Budget Deal
Op-Ed by Teresa Ghilarducci and Rick McGahey

April 25, 2013
Keep Seniors' National Park Fees Low
by Teresa Ghilarducci

December 12, 2012
Will 401(k) Plans Keep Getting Worse?
by Teresa Ghilarducci

May 9, 2012
401(k)s are Too Risky for Retirement
by Yvonne Walker


April 26, 2009
"Rethinking Retirement"
Column: Intelligence Report

Pensions & Investments

February 6, 2018
Teresa Ghilarducci, Tony James outline plan for mandatory retirement accounts
by Hazel Bradford

June 29, 2016
Lessons For Solving The Retirement Crisis
by Hazel Bradford

October 21, 2015
Blackstone's James Calls for National Retirement Savings Plan
by Hazel Bradford

June 15, 2015
GFOR: Economists Debate Role of Government in Economy
by Hazel Bradford

February 27, 2015
NYC Comptroller Announces Group to Study Retirement Plan for Private-Sector Employees
by Robert Steyer


June 1, 2018
Claiming Social Security early could lead to poverty later in life
by Alessandra Molito

January 26, 2018
How to guarantee retirement security for all Americans
by Teresa Ghilarducci & Tony James

September 23, 2009
Retirement? Good Luck with That
by Andrea Coombes

San Francisco Chronicle

October 15, 2011
State Pension Plan for Private Sector Too?
by Wyatt Buchanan

May 13, 2010
GOP, Dems Clash over Modifying 401(k) Plans
by Kathleen Pender


June 22, 2014
States Now Ground Zero for Workers' Rights?
by Steve Kornacki

March 23, 2014
Why is the Pay Gap for Women so Consistent?
by Steve Kornacki

September 24, 2013
Fewer White Men Elected into Congress
by Chris Hayes

May 5, 2009
"Does America Need a New Retirement System"
by Katrina Brown Hunt


October 16, 2015
Why Poor Planning = Disaster
by AdviceIQ

March 4, 2010
White House Likes Ghilarducci Rx For Savings
by Stan Wilson

America Magazine

October 22, 2012
Current Comment
by America Magazine Editors

August 13, 2012
Voting Matters
by Teresa Ghilarducci, Richard McGahey, Charles k. Wilber and Daniel Finn

May 3, 2010
Three Reasons Not to Balance the Budget -- Yet
Op-Ed by Teresa Ghilarducci

May 3, 2010
Employment Benefits
by Teresa Ghilarducci

U.S. News & World Report

December 14th, 2015
10 Retirement Resolutions for 2016
Emily Brandon

January 30, 2009
Teresa Ghilarducci: The 401(k) Retirement System Has Failed 
by Emily Brandon

Associated Press

January 30, 2014
A Guide to Obama's Plan for Retirement Savings
by Paul Wiseman

Chicago Tribune

June 13, 2018
Retirement: Aging in the workplace
by Mary Kane, Kiplinger's Personal Finance

June 3, 2017
Baby boomers, planning to work past retirement? Here's why that idea could be a bust.
by Gail MarksJarvis

April 25, 2010
National Debt: A Tsumani of Red Ink
by Adam Zoll and Steve Layton

USA Today

April 19, 2017
Analysis: How to fix America’s broken retirement system
y Michael Milinski

March 16, 2015
She Wants to Kill Your 401(k)
by Emily Cadei

April 9, 2012
Offer Retirement Security to all Workers
by John C. Liu

October 21, 2009
Retirement Overhaul
by Christine Dugas

Boston Globe

April 12, 2009
"During a Bear Market, Future of the 401(k) is Questioned"
by Tim Gray

December 21, 2008
Firms Saving Cash by Cutting Matches to 401(k) Plans
by Mary Williams and Tara Siegel Bernard


January 23, 2017
Unplugging Obamacare
Marketplace Morning Reportwith David Brancaccio

July 27, 2012
The 401(k) system doesn't work
by Teresa Ghilarducci

May 4, 2012
The 401(k): A Failed Experiment?
by Tess Vigeland

June 16, 2010
Older workers can't get into job market
by Ashley Gross/WBEZ

November 21, 2008
"Pensions, 401(k)s and What's Next"
Interview with Host Tess Vigeland

Investment News

May 16, 2017
Teresa Ghilarducci: Why states are key to solving the national retirement crisis

June 15th, 2016
State Street execs expect retirement savings law by 2018
by Greg Iacurci

March 2nd, 2016
Workers and Employers Would Be Forced to Save 3% of Pay Under New Retirement Proposal
by Greg Iacurci



January 11, 2018
How #MeToo Power Dynamics Affect Economists
by Paul Solmon

January 19, 2017
55, Unemployed and Faking Normal: One Woman’s Story of Barely Scraping by
PBS NewsHour

February 24th, 2016
Rise of the Robots

January 14, 2016
Why Women Over 50 Can't Find Jobs
by Paul Solman

April 11, 2015
Clinton Campaign to Center on Economic Security, Opportunity
by Julie Pace

April 23, 2013
Teresa Ghilarducci: Why the 401(k) is a “Failed Experiment”

July 27, 2012
Is This the Solution to America's Retirement Crisis?
by Richard Eisenberg
Next Avenue

The Wall Street Journal

June 25, 2018
A Generation of Americans Is Entering Old Age the Least Prepared in Decades
by Heather Gillers, Anne Tergesen and Leslie Scism

March 3rd, 2016
One Fix for the American Nest Egg: Make People Save
by Timothy Martin

October 5, 2011
Reaching Out to Latinos
by Jaime Levy Presson


March 22, 2017
Is It Age Discrimination If You Don’t Know You’re Being Discriminated Against?
by Peter Gosselin


January 17th, 2016
Teresa Ghilarducci: How To Retire With Enough Money
The Diane Rehm Show

February 11, 2014
AOL Reverses Changes To Retirement Contribution
by Ilya Marritz

August 15, 2011
401(k) Nation: Road to Retirement Gets Rockier
by Scott Neuman

Daily News

January 30, 2014
New Retirement Plan, myRA, Could Spur Savings for Those Who Were Shut Out in the Past
by Phyllis Furman

January 26, 2012
Millions of New Yorkers Will Not Have Nearly Enough to Retire
by Phyllis Furman

September 13, 2010
End the Assault on Public Sector Salaries and Benefits
by Daniel Morris

Washington Post

June 30, 2015
The Daily 202: What to Watch for in Q2 Fundraising Reports
by James Hohmann

February 16, 2013
Fiscal Troubles Ahead for Most Future Retirees
by Michael A. Fletcher

March 2, 2011
Are State Pensions Underfunded? And if So, What Should We Do About It?
by Ezra Klein

The Take Away

July 31, 2012
Has the American Retirement System Failed?

Monthly Review

July 13, 2011
The End of Retirement
by Teresa Ghilarducci

American Prospect

March 7, 2012
Freelance Nation
David Callahan

February 7, 2011
The Collapse of Secure Retirement
by Teresa Ghilarducci


August 17, 2015
Clinton Tells Organized Labor She would Enhance Social Security for Some
by Luciana Lopez

March 1, 2012
Stern Advice: The Last 401(k) Generation?
by Linda Stern

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

January 31, 2012
One-Third of All New Yorkers Can't Afford To Retire, Says Liu

NY1 News

January 26, 2012
Study: Number Of New Yorkers With Access To Retirement Plans Is Declining

Cincinnati Enquirer

January 10, 2011
Give All Americans a Secure Retirement
Teresa Ghilarducci


November 11, 2010
What You Should Know Before You Retire
by Julie Halpert

Bloomberg News

January 25, 2018
The Argument for Ditching the 401(k) and Starting Over
by Justin Fox

December 6, 2016
Life in the Rust Belt Doesn’t Pay If You’re Old
by Suzanne Woolley

October 22, 2015
The 401(k) Crisis Is Getting Worse
by Carol Hymowitz

September 15, 2015
A Great (and Impossible) Plan to Fix Retirement
by Christopher Flavelle

August 5, 2015
The Retirement Expert Who Got Death Threats for Her Ideas
by Carla Fried

July 11, 2015
Hillarynomics: Boosting Middle Class, Disciplining Wall Street
by Jennifer Epstein

September 23, 2013
At 77 He Prepares Burgers Earning in a Week His Former Hourly Wage
Carol Hymowitz

January 26, 2012
New Yorkers Face Downward Mobility
Elizabeth Ody

Fox 5 News

January 26, 2012
Comptroller: Many New Yorkers Not Saving Enough for Retirement
Matt Alvarez

Fox Business News

February 27, 2012
401(k): Pass or Fail?
Kathryn Bushman Vasel

Santa Fen & New Mexican

October 18,2015
Republican Plans to Raise Retirement Age Fall Heavily on Poor
by Esme E. Deprez and Margaret Newkirk


October 5, 2015
Patricia Sears: For Older Workers in Northern Vermont, ‘Remote’ Doesn't Have To Mean ‘Removed’
by Patricia M. Sears 

Welfare Society Territory

October 1, 2015
Two New Battles for Pensioners in Class War
by Guido Bolaffi 


September 29, 2015
Your Next Uber Driver May Be a Retiree
by Henry Grabar 


September 17,2015
A Good Retirement Plan Is Still Impossible
by Christopher Flavelle

Detroit Free Press

September 9, 2015
How UAW's Risky health Care Experiment Became A Success
by Brent Snavely

Indianapolis Business Journal 

July 6, 2015
Obama Overtime Pay Proposal Raises Concerns in Indiana
by Associated Press

Business Insider

July 6, 2015
Hillary Clinton Has Consulted So Many Policy Experts, Her Campaign Has Lost Count
by Lisa Lerer

South Bend Tribune

July 2, 2015
Would Obama's Overtime Rule Hurt or Help Business?
by Lincoln Wright

National Journal

June 25, 2015
Meet Hillary Clinton’s Least-likely Adviser
by Nancy Cook

Columbia Journalism Review

April 16, 2015
How to Bring Clarity and Urgency to Social Security Reporting
by Trudy Lieberman


January 15, 2017
This professor says it's time to kill your 401(k)
by Tom Anderson

November 8, 2015
Retirement options dwindle, and states step in. But should they?
On The Money 

March 27, 2015
Could These Policy Fixes Help You Save For Retirement?
by Kelli B. Grant

April 23, 2015
For Millions, 401(k) Plans Have Fallen Short
by Kelley Holland 


June 7, 2018
Can you really ‘nudge’ savings?
by Patrick Temple-West


December 23, 2013
Economist Teresa Ghilarducci Says a Quarter of U.S. Workers Earn $18,000 or Less
by Louis Jacobson

American Bar Association 

Summer, 2013
State-Sponsored Individual Retirement Plans: An Emerging Solution to the Retirement Crisis
by Catha Worthman


November 23, 2016
To Change Aging, We Need A New Type Of 401(K)
by Teresa Ghilarducci, Next Avenue Contributor

January 5, 2016
How To Retire With Enough Money
by Richard Eisenberg


February 5, 2016
Super Bowl And Women Turning 50
by DJ Cline

Family Circle

January 1st, 2016
How To Grow Your Savings
Rebecca Webber

Detroit News

January 24th, 2016
Judge Judy Rules; Our Pension Accounts Don't
Brian O'Connor

Psychology Today

December 24th, 2015
Should Robots Be Our Grandma's New Friend
Teresa Ghilarducci

October 1st, 2015
Don't Let Shame Weaken Your Retirement Plans
Teresa Ghilarducci


November 25th 2015
12 New Business Books for the Perfect Gift
Geoffrey James


December 30th, 2015
7 Things Twentysomethings Should Never Do With Their Money
Megan Friedman

Advisor Perspectives

February 1st, 2016
Two New Books of Retirement Planning
Joe Tomlinson

ABC Radio

January 11th, 2016
Live and Taped Interviews 


January 18th, 2016
Overnight America Podcast
Karla Cavalli


November 4th, 2016
How retirement hurts living standards for boomers
by Ed Leefeldt

CCTV America

February 5th, 2015
Women Over 50 Bearing the Burden of Unemployment
Karina Huber


National Radio 

January 25th, 2016
Taped Interview
Innovation Hub, Public Radio International

February 25th, 2016
Radio Satellite Tour

February 25th, 2016
Talk Radio Network - Lillian's Interviews

February 25th, 2016
Total Picture Radio

February 25th, 2016
I Heart Radio

February 25th, 2016
Podcast One Network, Tom Barnard Show

February 26th, 2016
Radio Satellite Tour, Day 2

February 26th, 2016
Business Talk Radio, Stu Taylor Show

February 26th, 2016
Blog Talk Radio

Benefits Pro

March 4th, 2016
National Retirement Savings Plan Proposed
by Marlene Satter


November 4th, 2016
Older Women Most Often Confined to Lower-Wage Jobs
by Marlene Satter 


Local Radio

January 11th, 2016
WBAP-FM, WBAP Morning News

January 11th, 2016
WBAL-AM, Maryland's News Now

February 26th, 2016
WBMX-FM - New England Lifestyles

February 26th, 2016

February 26th, 2016
WBZ-AM, Women's Watch

February 26th, 2016
KXYL-FM, Morning Show

January 29th, 2016
Daily Messanger, John Ninfo: Retiring with dignity — sow the seeds now

January 11th, 2016
WGN-AM The Opening Bell

February 25th, 2016
WKSC - Weekly Show with Brooke Hunter

February 26th, 2016
Cincinnati Edition WVXU, NPR Affiliate

January 11th, 2016
WTAM Newstalk with Bill Willis

February 2nd, 2016
WMJI-FM, Nolan, Malone, and Kullik Morning Show

February 26th, 2016
KFRU-FM, Columbia's Morning News

February 26th, 2016
KDKR-FM, Prudent Money

February 26th, 2016
WNDB-FM, Daytona's Morning News

January 11th, 2016
KOA-RADIO, Colorado’s Morning News

February 26th, 2016

February 25th, 2016
WGVU Morning Show

February 26th, 2016
WTRV, Sunday Morning Townsquare

February 26th, 2016
WRNJ Radio

February 26th, 2016
WXZX-FM, Morning Show

February 26th, 2016
KARN-FM, First News

February 26th, 2016

December 31st, 2016
The Montclair Times

January 14th, 2016
Talk and Signing
Watchung Booksellers

February 25th, 2016
WFSK-FM, "What's the 411? with Sharon Kay"

January 12th, 2016
WNYC, Leonard Lopate

February 26th, 2016
WLTW-AM Get Connected

January 12th, 2016
Talk and Signing
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February 25th, 2016
WMFE-FM/HPPR, The Growing Bolder Radio Show

February 25th, 2016
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February 26th, 2016

February 26th, 2016
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February 26th, 2016
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February 26th, 2016
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February 26th, 2016
KKUP-FM, Feature

February 25th, 2016
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February 22th, 2016
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January 11th, 2016
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January 11th, 2016
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February 25th, 2016
WNEW-FM, Morning Show

January 7th, 2016
WJLA-TV, Good Morning Washington

February 26th, 2016
Sirius-XM Beyond the Bling



401(k) Specialist

January 17, 2017
Trump Gets Pressed On Government-Backed 401ks
by John Sullivan

May 17th, 2016
Teresa Ghilarducci: 401k An ‘Immature, Underdeveloped Child’
by John Sullivan

October 20th, 2016
How A Hillary Win Means Government-Run 401ks
by John Sullivan


October 16th, 2016
The Simple, Popular, and Naive Way to Address the Looming Pension Crisis
by Allison Schrager



October 17th, 2016
Why Clinton and Trump Aren't Talking About the Retirement Crisis
Teresa Ghilarducci