The Annual Robert Heilbroner Lecture on the Future of Capitalism:
Towards Full Employment, Financial Stabilization & Environmental Sustainability



The failure of austerity policies in both the United States and Europe is clear. But it's time to move beyond documenting failure. Now we need solid policy solutions that promote long-term economic recovery for working people, the poor, and the middle class - not just the 1%.

On February 12, Economist Robert Pollin presented SCEPA's annual Robert L. Heilbroner Memorial Lecture on the Future of Capitalism. Pollin proposed a post-austerity policy agenda that lays out a clear path to job creation and lowering public debt - while advancing greater equality and environmental sustainability.

Robert Pollin, Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, received his PhD from The New School and studied under Robert Heilbroner. He is co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) and co-author of a recent study that debunks the notion that austerity policies can promote economic growth by starving social spending.

This event celebrated the fall issue of The New School's Social Research journal, "Austerity: Failed Economics but Persistent Policy." It was jointly sponsored by Social Research: An International Quarterly, the Center for Public Scholarship, and the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Program at The Milano School.