On June 9, 2013, NPR's story, "Golden Years Tainted as Retirement Savings Dwindle" reports on a study on the next generation's ability to retire. "Gen. X looks to be the first generation that will not exceed the wealth of the group that came before them, and to potentially face downward mobility in retirement," says Erin Currier, director of economic mobility for the Pew Charitable Trusts. This is similar to conclusions I have found in my own work on SCEPA's Retirement Income Security project, where the current retirement system is failing future retirees. The article includes my quote, "There has to be new institutions that guarantee a modest but safe continual rate of return," she says. "And we can do that by adding to the Social Security system, a place where people can save their money and get a rate of return that's safe."

Pew chart